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Opening hours

Until 13.08.

14.08 – 27.08
Monday – Thursday 12:00-18:00
Friday – Saturday 10:00-21:00
Sunday 10:00-18:00

Same hours as the café, but no longer than 12:00-20:00

Other times are to be booked in advance

Indulge in the Archipelago lifestyle on Mässkär

Mässkär, is an island located outside the city of Pietarsaari. The island welcomes you with an open horizon as well as the sound of the sea and the birds. The tourism facilities in the old pilot station welcome outsiders to experience the calm and relaxing Baltic archipelago lifestyle that is usually kept sacred for the local inhabitants.


Mässkär is an island located in the outermost archipelago outside the city of Pietarsaari. On the island there is a building that used to serve as a maritime pilot station. The facilities, now serving the public under the name “Mässkärs Naturstation”, hosts a café, a restaurant, bed & breakfast, a sauna and conference facilities. On the island, the old pilot station from 1856 can be found together with the “Båk” from the same era. The island is home to a diverse nature, which is best explored along the hiking route. The route presents visitors with sights from both the biological and cultural heritage of the island. The surface area of the island is approximately 35 hectares, 17 of which are administered by the Finnish government under the organisation Metsähallitus. Through a leasing agreement, Mässkärs lotsstation rf. administer the former pilot station and the harbour. The rest of the island is private.

Mässkär offers its services all year round.

During the period from June until August the station is staffed. During other time periods, services are offered on the basis of reservations.

Contact information

1.6 -28.8 phone: +358-6-729 4092 

Other times:

 Anders Boström phone: +358500661328 Email: